Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Pictures] One girl in a "batty" place

My Halloween blog post for work (out October 27) features the story of Leslie Sturges, a Northern Virginia (NOVA) bat expert who started the non-profit Save Lucy the Little Brown Bat in March 2010.  The Save Lucy Campaign educates and empowers youth to help save North American bats from white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has devastated bats all over the Northeast and Eastern United States.

Here are some pictures; some of them I could not fit in the blog and they're just too cute to not share! Blog URL to follow.  Enjoy, Mb

 Jorge, a Hoary bat, was very curious of the camera.


So sweet! 

A Red bat. 

 Mooch, a Big Brown bat, having a meal worm for snack time.

 Say Cheese? :-)


Leslie in the flight cage behind her
house where young bats learn to fly.

All photos property of MABlevins/NWF, 2011 Copyright Reserved 

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