Published Works/Writings

Enjoy an array of my writings!  Follow the links to a nice tale or two! 
  1. Womenetics: Building a Generation of Women to Rebuild Rwanda 
  2. Womenetics: The Conversation Continues... "What Keeps You Up at Night?"
  3. Urban Organic Gardener: How Megan Got Rid of her Black Thumb and Created her Balcony Garden (a case study)
  4. Get Organized! App for iPhones and iPads
  5. Take a Leap! How to Build an Urban Garden-- No Experience Necessary 
  6. Werner Braun: Challenges and triumphs
  7. Werner Braun: Go ahead, Google us
  8. Werner Braun: Carpet and peacocks
  9. Werner Braun: Carpet industry ‘making it in America’
  10. Werner Braun: Time for the state to take action for its water future
  11. Werner Braun: Keeping the floorcovering industry informed
  12. Werner Braun: Remember the bravery
  13. Werner Braun: Recycling lessons we can learn from the UK
  14. Werner Braun: Bragging on Carpet City Rotary
  15. Werner Braun: Market-based solutions are best
  16. Werner Braun: CRI connects with community
  17. Werner Braun: It starts in the schools
  18. Werner Braun: Inspiring a generation
  19. 10 Wildest Things Happening in National Wildlife Federation's Backyard
  20. Wild Animals, Camping and Justin Bieber: Behind the Scenes with NWF at the Today Show
  21. Continuing Resolution Puts Vermont Conservation Programs on the Chopping Block
  22. Werner Braun: Trust leads to effective negotiations
  23. Werner Braun: A creative approach to learning
  24. Werner Braun: Seal of Approval reaches milestone
  25. Debate Over Gasland the Movie Hits Mainstream
  26. Werner Braun: Scratching the ‘Surfaces’
  27. Werner Braun: Carpet finally gets spotlight it deserves
  28. Congress Must Remember its History and Value Clean Air
  29. Werner Braun: Cleaning for a Reason a worthy cause
  30. Werner Braun: Legislative reception shines light on carpet industry
  31. Werner Braun: Carpet retailers have until Jan. 31 to comply with act
  32. Werner Braun: Give the gift of giving
  33. Werner Braun: "It's the most wonderful time of the year."
  34. Cooking the Earth: Wildlife Deserve Better
  35. Werner Braun: Spirit of Catherine Evans Whitener lives among us
  36. Werner Braun: Make your voice count
  37. New Law: Big Win for Wildlife across the Globe!
  38. Werner Braun: Be a 'carpet hero'
  39. Over 21,000 Voices Strong for Leoggerhead Sea Turtles
  40. Werner Braun: Nothing scary about this change
  41. Werner Braun: "If only carpet had ears..."
  42. The 2010 Gubernatorial Candidates Debate in Rhode Island!
  43. Werner Braun: Carpet cares for the community
  44. Protecting Loggerhead Sea Turtles for Generations to Come
  45. Werner Braun: Social media useful tool for CRI