Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Girl Playing Catch Up, Update #1: Sisterly Trouble

The curse of a quick life is the moments fly by and nothing gets written down.  I think that is an accurate summary for the month of September in DC.  Fast, fast, fast, quick, quick, quick, throw in a little breathing, some sleeping, LOTS of working, hours of training (i.e running for my upcoming half marathon) AND the occasional hanging/catching up with friends.  Oh yeah, and eating, commuting and keeping things tidy are somewhere in there too.

Ha, catching my drift?

But the bottom line: DC is FINALLY treatin me just fine.  At first, it took a lot out of me (referring back to post where my true southern gal came out) and then once I realized that I didn't have to be anyone but myself; I have found my corner to play ball in.


Update #1: Labor Day weekend

Jennie Coniker came to visit.  Aka MY SISTER! I didn't realize how home sick I was till Jen came.  The weekend started with a delayed plane ride, shortening our already short, long weekend but that didn't stop us from visiting all of DC's main spots in a little over 65 hours.

Jen had never been to DC before-- making the trip that much more special.  We started at Arlington National Cemetery and worked our way to the Capitol.  What that means in walking terms-- probably four miles. 

My personal favorite place in DC for tourist hot spots is Arlington-- a place where many people do not venture to.  We saw the Changing of the Guard, the Kennedy graves and paid $7 for a very informative bus tour around the whole cemetery.  To think that Ulysses s. Grant (and so many of history's heroes) walked on that hallowed area.

We then started walking... over the bridge from Arlington to the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Wall, the Reflective pool, WWII Memorial, the Washington Monument, the White House, the Capitol AND the National Archives (ha, all in one day!)

On Sunday, we were history and art dorks--- hitting up the National Art Gallery, the American History Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.  I think we decided our favorites from the five hours of "becoming more educated" were the President's portrait section, the Norman Rockwell picture collection and the 1st Lady's dresses and accessories.


Even though Jennie got sick when she returned home, we had a great time.  More than anything, we spent two days talking and being our normal, sister selves; which made me feel like I was in Atlanta again, living with her and my brother-in-law.

As I dropped her off at the ariport, I couldn't recall where the past two and a half days had gone.  They went to the lifestyle that I described above... fast, fast, fast and quick, quick, quick.  Jennie, thank you for coming to see me.  I love you and miss you very much.

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