Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One girl in... training

I spend a lot of time writing. And jogging. And writing some more. Then adding on a few more miles.

It would be rude to not report on my first 5k: the "Run for John."
A young man who died three years ago from a heart defect that could not and was not detected until he collapsed while running. He collapsed doing what he loved.

Since his death, every time I lace up my kicks I think about him. There hasn't been a run, walk or jog in the past three years where I haven't thought about him. Regardless of where I am, my running shoes are a symbol for going on. For John.

John makes the event about more than running. He makes it about living. His memory lives on in everyone who takes place in the run, even in strangers. Cause that was John; he had a connection with you, even if he didn't know you.

One girl in training.
I am training for a 15k trail run. 9.3 miles. June 5. This is the first time I have ever trained for a race. It is exciting. Painful. And it currently is taking me five minutes to sit on the toilet. That would be sore.

Exciting. Painful. Sore.
I think those are qualities John could relate to.

The "Run for John" may have ended April 24, but it will never end in my heart.

Run on.

Run on.

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